Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This Blog is On Hold

Due to the recent increase in scams of the sort reported here, the workload associated with this blog has become too large. Consequently, and with apologies, I am not going to update this blog any further, indefinitely.

Monday, December 04, 2006


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: patrickchan1 <patrickchan1@1web2.net>
Reply-To: patrickchan_hk12@yahoo.com.hk
Date: 04-Dec-2006 02:23

Hang Seng Bank Ltd,
Taikoo Shing Branch,
25 Taikoo Shing Road,
Hong Kong.
Fax: +852-301-76685
Email: patrickchan_hk12@yahoo.com.hk

Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Patrick Chan Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Hang Seng Bank Ltd.I have a Secured business suggestion for you.

Before the U.S and Iraqi war our client Col. Hosam Hassan who was with the Iraqi forces and also business man made a numbered fixed deposit for 18 calendar months, with a value of Thirty million United State Dollars ($30,000, 000.00) only in my branch. Upon maturity several notices was sent to him, even during the war early this year. Again after the war another notification was sent and still no response came from him. We later find out that Col. Hosam Hassan along with his wife and only daughter had been killed during the war in a bomb blast that hit their home.

After further investigation it was also discovered that Col. Hosam Hassan did not declare any next of kin in his official papers including the Paper work of his bank deposit. And he also confided in me the last time he was at my office that no one except me knew of his deposit in my Bank. So, Thirty million United State Dollars ($30,000, 000.00) is still lying in my bank and no one will ever come forward to claim it. What bothers me most is that according to the laws of my country at the expiration 6 years the funds will revert to the ownership of the Hong Kong Government if nobody applies to claim the funds.

Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to Col. Hosam Hassan so that you will be able to receive his funds.


I want you to know that I have had everything planned out so that we shall come out successful. I have contacted an attorney that will prepare the necessary document that will back you up as the next of kin to Col.Hosam Hassan , all that is required from you at this stage is for you to provide me with your Full Names and Address so that the attorney can commence his job. After you have been made the next of kin, the attorney will also file in for claims on your behalf and secure the necessary approval and letter of probate in your favor for the move of the funds to an account that will be provided by you.

There is no risk involved at all in the matter as we are going to adopt a legalized method and the attorney will prepare all the necessary documents. Please endeavor to observe utmost discretion in all matters concerning this issue.

Once the funds have been transferred to your nominated bank account we shall share in the ratio of 60% for me, 40% for you, Should you be interested please send me information's below,

1. Full names and Age
2. Private phone number
3. Current residential address.

I will prefer you reach me on my private Email address or Fax it to my private fax machine number below

Email: patrickchan_hk12@yahoo.com.hk
Fax: +852-301-76685

And finally after that I shall provide you with more details on this transaction. Your earliest response to this letter will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Mr. Patrick K.W Chan.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: rita[@]dinatarita.orangehome.co.uk <rita[@]dinatarita.orangehome.co.uk>
Date: 03-Dec-2006 23:04
To: undisclosed-recipients



                          REF: FINAL NOTICE                         

Dear Winner.

We are happy to inform you of the result of the Real Campo Free programs held on December 2, 2006 your email address were attached to one of the ten winning TICKET NUMBER (AL/104) with GAME NUMBER 725-43-06) SERIAL NUMBER 567501-DTL/18. YOU'RE
REF:AT/WL62/08/06.SN. You have therefore been approved for a cash prize pay out of 550, 000, 00 Euros (Five Hundred Fifty thousand Euros)


All participants were selected through a computer ballot system  from our sponsors databases, including over 6,000 companies and 10,000 individual e-mail addresses and names submitted by our agents  drawn  from Africa, Europe, Asia, North And South America, Oceania and around the world.

To file for your urgent claim, please contact our affiliate agent.

Contact Person:

It is part of our security procedure to avoid double claiming and to minimize identification difficulties advise you to keep this information confidential until your claim is processed successfully and to avoid unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants. please note that non-residence winner will be required to pay for issuance of winning certificate and all winnings must be claimed not later than December 18th, 2006.after this date all unclaimed winnings will be null and void.

In Order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications remember to quote your ticket number and game numbers in all correspondence. Furthermore, should there be any change of address do inform our agents as soon as possible.

Congratulations once more and thank you for being part of our promotional program.  Note: Anybody under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Rita Dinata,
Award Co-coordinator.

From Steven

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: STEVEN LYON <stevenlyon21@virgilio.it>
Date: 03-Dec-2006 17:42
Subject: From Steven

My private tell number ( +44-7040112855 )
private e-mail <
stevenlyon08@yahoo.co.uk >

Good Day,
I am Mr. Steven Lyon,the
executive auditor and head of computing department of bank of Scotland
here in United Kingdom.I got your e-mail address on line,as i was
searching for a reliable and capable person to do this business with.So,
i have an obscured business suggestion for you.I am the personal
account officer to a great late Engineer who has an account in one of
the top banks here in united kingdom.His names is Late Mr. John Hughes
was an Australian who was a chemical enginer by profession died since
1996.No other person knows about this account or anything concerning it.
After further investigation it was also discovered that Mr. John
Hughes's has no other beneficiary and my investigation proves to me as
well that his company does not know anything about this account and the
amount involved is thirty Million Pounds Sterling (£30,000,000.00).

am contacting you to stand and act as the next of kin to Mr. John
Hughes,At the conclusion of this business, you will be given 45% of the
total amount,while 50% will be for me and 5% incase of any expenses,
from both parties might have incurred during the process of this
transaction.As soon as I hear from you and upon your strong assurance
that you will not let me down once the fund goes into your account I
will then start to process the transfer of the fund to your account
without further delay.Kindly reply me explaining your interest,or call
me on my mobile +44-7040112855. So that i can feed you with more
details of the transaction. I awaits your response. Reply through this
my private ( stevenlyon08@yahoo.co.uk)

Steven Lyon.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: jimsmith <jimsmith_01@ibatam.com>
Date: 02-Dec-2006 07:26

31 Eugene Marais Avenue,
South Africa.

My name is Mr. JIM SMITH, and I work in the International operation
department in a Local Bank here in South Africa. On a routine inspection I
discovered a dormant domiciliary account with a BAL. Of 36,000,000 (Thirty
Six Million USD) on further discreet investigation, I also discovered that
the account holder has long since passed away (dead) leaving no
beneficiary to the account.

The bank will approve this money to any foreigner because the former
operator of the a/c is a foreigner and from Iraq in particular and I am
certainly sure that he is dead, and nobody will come again for the
Claim of this money A foreigner can only claim this money with legal
claims to the account Holder; therefore I need your cooperation in this
I will provide the necessary information needed in
order to claim this money, But you will need to open an account where this
can be transferred.

Account No...........
Account Name.........
Bank Name...........
Bank Address........
Swift Code...........

  If interested send your private Telephone No. And
Fax number including full details of the account to be used for the
deposit I wish for utmost confidentiality in handling this transaction
as my job and The future of my family would be jeopardized if it were

I want to assure you that the transaction is without risk if due process
is followed accordingly. Finally I will give you 25%for your coperation.

Reply through my private email ;jimsmith11@ yahoo.co.in